EV Maintenance

You might be familiar with the routine maintenance of your standard gas-powered vehicle, which
typically involves changing engine oil, oil filters, transmission fluid etc. However, if you are new to
owning an electric vehicle you may be surprised to know that although your vehicle does not have the
same components of a gas-powered vehicle, it still requires routine maintenance. Electric vehicles are
rather simple to maintain, as they do not have fuel pumps, spark plugs, drive belts, transmissions,
engine gaskets & so on, so you may be wondering, what does my EV need in terms of service

What Do You Need To Service?

There are still a few things that should be inspected/maintained on your new EV such as Tire Rotation &
Multi-point inspection, Vehicle Alignment, Wiper Blades, Front and Rear Brake Service, Brake Fluid, Cabin
Air Filter, Front and Rear Differential Fluid, and Coolant. The intervals at which these things should be
checked will vary, and is illustrated in the chart below.

 e v  maintenance  schedule  v1

We've Got You Covered

All of the services that we've listed above can be performed by one of our certified Ford technicians
here at Rose City Ford. If you would like to book your service appoint today, click here.

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