How do I contact Ford Credit?

Ford Credit is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Ford Motor Company.

For automobiles not financed with Ford Motor Credit, please contact the bank which provided the financing.

Customers trying to return lease vehicles when dealership is no longer in business, should contact Ford Credit.

Please contact the Customer Service Center via e-mail or call 1-877-636-7346 (Monday - Saturday, 7:00am - 8:00pm CST) for more information.

What are the benefits of registering on a Ford Owner website? is a great resource for advice about owning, driving and caring for your vehicle. Thru them you can:

- Schedule service appointments.
- Purchase extended service plans.
- View and print service coupons.
- View owner/warranty guides and maintenance schedules.

Additionally, by registering your Ford vehicle on this site, you will receive these additional benefits:

- Track your vehicles service history.
- Receive scheduled maintenance reminders.
- Pay your Ford Credit bill.
- Obtain vehicle recall updates.
- Access your dealer’s website.
- View and print service coupons for your dealer.

What are SYNC's Driver Services?

In addition to hands-free calling and playing music, SYNC offers Driver Services which include:

- SYNC's Vehicle Health Report (VHR)*- Give your car a check up with a simple voice command. SYNC can run a real time, detailed diagnostic report of your vehicle. With a voice command, SYNC can gather relevant information from your vehicle's control modules. In a matter of minutes, SYNC can alert you that your private report is ready for viewing online at SYNC lets you take care of your car and get peace of mind with a simple command. You can for more details.

- SYNC's 911 Assist* - If you're not able to make an emergency call, SYNC 911 will connect you to a 911 operator. When the feature is ON, 911 Assist uses your paired and connected phone to dial 911 if your airbag deploys and, on certain vehicles, if the emergency fuel pump shut-off is activated. 911 Assist give occupants the option to cancel the call before dialing.

- Traffic, Directions and Information* - SYNC's subscription service** which provides in-vehicle traffic reports, turn-by-turn directions, business searches and your favorite news, sports and weather, all with simple voice commands.

*911 Assist is available in the United States and Canada only. Vehicle Health Report and Traffic, Directions and Information are available in the United States only.

**SYNC's Traffic, Directions and Information is available as a complimentary 3-year subscription for owners of new vehicles equipped with the service. Renewal subscriptions and subscriptions for second owners, or owners who wish to add an additional phone to the service cost $60/year. Standard voice phone and text message charges may apply.